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Dbeck® Unisex Ultra-Soft Memory Foam Cotton Slippers with Removable Fur Insole

$33.99 $63.95
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Slippers Got You Down?

✔️Odor Buildup over Time?
✔️Breeding Ground for Bacteria?
✔️A Hassle to Clean?

Cotton Slippers with Removable Fur Insole:

💧Easily remove and attach the inner lining with our convenient Velcro straps, allowing for quick adjustments and easy cleaning.

👣The thick, cushioned sole provides excellent support and reduces pressure on your feet, making these slippers ideal for prolonged wear.

👉Thanks to the detachable inner lining, keeping your slippers fresh and clean is a breeze. Simply remove the lining, wash it, and reattach it for a brand-new feel.

Washable & Replaceable Insole Slippers

Our removable, washable insoles keep your slippers fresh and clean. Simply remove the insoles and toss them in the wash. No more hassle!

Removable Upper

Easily detach the upper part of the slippers for a customizable wearing experience. Perfect for different seasons and preferences.

Easy Drying, Versatile Use

Enjoy the convenience of our detachable cotton slippers, designed with a rear strap for easy pulling and drying. 

Cozy Plush Lining for Ultimate Comfort

Perfectly designed for warmth and softness, our shoes feature a luxurious plush interior that wraps your feet in comfort with every step.

Ideal for colder weather or simply indulging in luxurious comfort at home.

Interchangeable Uppers

Elevate your comfort and style with our interchangeable uppers.

Designed with versatility in mind, these shoes allow you to effortlessly swap out different uppers to match your outfit or mood. 

Elevate the Unboxing Experience

The silk velvet material provides a protective layer for your shoes, preventing scratches, dust, and other damage during storage and transportation. It helps to maintain the pristine condition of your footwear.
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✏️Dbeckshoes Outsole Design - "PalmSole"

👣The combination of "Palm" and "Sole" directly expresses the inspiration behind the design, emphasizing that the shape of the sole is derived from the palm, in order to better simulate the natural form and movement of the foot.

👉Designed to replicate the natural comfort of barefoot walking, our shoes feature a thin sole that promotes active foot muscles, strengthening them and enhancing balance.

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