Through the Seasons

Explore the Sensation of Walking on Clouds.

Dbeck® SundayStroll provides women the perfect combination of comfort, style, and performance in casual shoes designed for those who seek the varied outdoor pursuits of hiking, commuting, and biking while not wanting to part with fashion.


Your Everyday Adventure Companion

About DBECK®

At dbeck®, we believe that exploration is not limited to the great outdoors. It's about embracing the spirit of adventure in every step of your daily journey.
We reimagine hiking shoes, making them lightweight, breathable, and fashion-forward. It's time to conquer new heights, from the trails to the city streets.

How to Clean Your Leather Shoes - In 6 Easy Steps

Leather shoes are timeless classics that exude style and sophistication. To maintain their beauty and longevity, regular cleaning is essential.
Cleaning leather shoes not only removes dirt and stains but also helps preserve the leather's natural oils and suppleness.

Embrace the Outdoors, Embrace Life!

DBECK: For urban adventurers who crave the thrill of the great outdoors and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Why Did We Name It DBECK?

Dbeck is derived from 'dr.beck,' and our brand symbol, the mountain goat, embodies values such as purity, wildness, strength, perfection, adaptability, and versatility, reflecting the essence of our brand.

Still Looking for Outdoor Footwear?

Dbeck® AirWalker

Designed for summer hiking, your go-to choice for daily commutes and leisurely walks.

Dbeck® SummerFlex

Engineered for endurance, our thick, soft-soled shoes minimize foot fatigue for those who stand or walk for hours.

Dbeck® SundayWalkers

Designed for summer hiking to prevent stuffy feet, which allows for maximum breathability and ventilation.

Customer reviews
Increíble diferencia de calidad de una compra del mismo producto a otro fabricante. Felicitaciones. Muy recomendado.
— Jose Cristian Periale Molina
Saw on Facebook decided to buy. Very light weight, clean looking, and repeals water.
— F.C. & A.C.
great trail boot. comfortable and somewhat breathable but provides some water resistance.
— Steven Libfred